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ICN Network Abuse Policy

The Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) has adopted the following policy for handling network abuse. Examples of network abuse include, but are not limited to, spam, virus/worm propagation, and port scans/probes. Please note that this document is not meant to replace the DoIT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). In the event of a conflict between the AUP and the Network Abuse Policy, the AUP shall prevail. Please see the DoIT AUP for additional information regarding acceptable use. 

DoIT staff will notify the constituent of any abuse originating from their network. At the time of notification, if no other appropriate measures can be worked out with the constituent or if they can't be reached, DoIT staff will take action to stop the network abuse until the constituent can secure their network. This action could include, but is not limited to, blocking IP networks, protocols, and/or ports, such that the network abuse is remedied, but the constituent remains as functional as possible.
Blocking performed by DoIT is considered a temporary measure in order to provide the constituent time to resolve the issue internally. Customers should notify the DoIT when corrective actions are completed, so the temporary measures can be removed. Constituents should not count on blocks remaining in place indefinitely as DoIT will only maintain them for a limited amount of time. Regardless of any temporary blocking measures by DoIT, the constituent remains fully responsible for any abuse-related traffic originating from its networks.