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ICN Support

Network Operations Center (NOC)


The Network Operations Center (NOC) is our 24/7 supporter center. NOC staff monitor the network backbone, customer connections, respond to alarms and customer calls. The NOC is your first point of contact for reporting network problems and initiating technical support for your ICN connection.

217-524-3648Option 2 (Springfield)
312-814-3648 - Option 2 (Chicago)

Regional Technology Centers

The Regional Technology Centers (RTCs) are strategically placed around the state to provide customer support as locally as possible. RTC staff provides consultation services and a wide range of advanced technical support. Contact information for our RTC offices is listed below.

Questions and escalations for either the CMC or RTC offices should be directed to Robin Woodsome, Manager ICN Field Operations.


Illinois Century Network

120 West Jefferson, Suite B
Springfield, IL 62702-5172


To report a problem with your ICN connection

217-524-3648Option 2 (Springfield)
312-814-3648 - Option 2 (Chicago)

Not sure what Region you are in?

Use our RTC phone number search.