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Illinois K-12 Broadband Network

Stepping into the Future with Digital Learning

State of Illinois funding has been allocated for a secure K-12 Broadband Network available at no cost for all Illinois K-12 public school districts. This program removes barriers limiting access to secure Internet bandwidth essential in today's digital learning environment. The key objective is to ensure every Illinois public K-12 school district has sufficient and fully funded bandwidth to meet the needs of their students, faculty and administration.

Membership benefits include Internet access, last mile broadband connections & router, WAN circuits, filtering, DDoS protection and Network monitoring, all at no charge. Schools are required to have a firewall in place and are responsible for their network security.

Cisco Umbrella Now Available

Cisco Umbrella is available for all Public K-12 Illinois Century Network (ICN) customers. Cisco Umbrella provides security and content filtering giving protection against malicious websites and harmful content. To receive Cisco Umbrella at no charge for your Public K-12, please complete the following form and ICN staff will contact you. Your school or district must be connected to ICN with a last mile circuit and use ICN assigned Public IP Addresses. 

K-12 Update: Transition of Service Guide

If your District/Library is intending to move forward with circuits provided by the DoIT Consortium, it is highly recommended you file your own Form 470 and Form 471 to ensure continuity of service from your current provider to the DoIT Consortium selected provider, should the DoIT Consortium selected provider be delayed in the installation of the circuits.

DoIT K-12 E-rate Status Update - 11/09/2023