Organization Contact Information


Enter the name of the entity or organization that is being represented by the domain name being requested.

Describe in one sentence the intended use of the domain name, then briefly describe the purpose or function of the organization.

Administrative Contact for Domain


The Administrative Contact is the contact point for administrative and policy questions about the domain and the Organization, and therefore must be a person with significant authority within the Organization, and specifically not a person from an Internet Service Provider or a consultant to the Organization.

Technical Contact for Domain


The Technical Contact should be the person responsible for the computers and network services of the Organization. If the Organization is running its own domain name server, the Technical Contact should be the person directly responsible for running the domain name service.

DNS Server Information


Requests will not be accepted without this information. The server must be up and running before submitting the request.

Please check that:

  1. Server domain names are spelled correctly and that they are complete domain names,
  2. The IP addresses correspond correctly with the server names (e.g., do not switch primary and secondary IP addresses)
  3. A nameserver is running on the specified machines and available to answer queries.
  4. You must have a minimum of two servers listed, but more than two is also acceptable. If have more than three, please add them in  the Additional Servers field below.