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DDoS Protection


The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation service reduces or removes the impact of DDoS attacks against customer infrastructure. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service, website or network unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic, stopping even legitimate traffic.

Service Levels

Standard requires setup time, approval from customer and is implemented locally within ICN.

Advanced includes Standard services and allows for auto-mitigation and an ability to mitigate much larger attacks for longer periods of time utilizing a global, cloud-based service. Because of these features, Advanced provides customers with minimal disruption of network services during an attack.


  • ICN monitors and detects DDoS attacks * ICN notifies the customer during or after the attack and mitigates upon customer request
    • ICN provides information on the attack upon request
    • Mitigation scrubs incoming traffic and attempts to provide only the good packets to the customer
    • ICN may black hole the IP address under attack


Includes Standard features, plus

  • ICN automatically mitigates the attack (given customer approval) * 10G+ Mitigation via both State-wide and global cloud based DDoS Mitigation system
    • Mitigation scrubs incoming traffic and attempts to provide only the good packets to the customer


The following Services are available to Advanced DDoS Mitigation Customers at an additional price as detailed in the Rates table, below:

DDoS Dashboard: ICN sets up a Peakflow page for customers to view their managed object and the attacks and receive automatic notifications.

*DDoS Incident Reporting: *Custom Reporting is available upon request. Report types are identified in the Optional Features table provided below under "Custom Reporting".

DDoS Consultation: ICN provides consultation on how to reduce impact of DDoS attacks on customer network.


24/7 NOC

  • 24/7 Customer traffic monitoring by ICN Network Operations Center

    • Tier 1 Network Engineers on hand at the NOC at all times. Attack Monitoring

    • Monitoring customer traffic identifying and mitigating attacks in their infancy

    • Use of advanced heuristics to profile normal versus anomalous traffic patterns

    • Specific points or asset protection within a customer's network (such as existing firewalls, gateways, webservers, DNS servers, etc)

    • Always-on monitoring - Flow or signals based

    • Detailed and unified event reporting for multiple environments through a secure portal ** Threat Detection

    • Customer-specific alerts enabling trained security experts to immediately identify nascent potential attacks

    • Signature analysis

    • Misuse detection

    • Predefined deviations recognition

    • Dynamic Profiling

    • Normal traffic baselining

    • Requires no customer premise equipment Mitigation

    • On-demand mitigation

    • On-Ramping Traffic (e.g. BGP announcements)

    • Use of filtering (state-of the-art filtering technology to increase the level of filtering to progressively block more malicious traffic or more sophisticated attacks)

    • Off-Ramping Traffic (once traffic is "cleaned," redirecting it back to the customer's network)

    • Scalable mitigation solution *Auto-Mitigation *

    • ICN will automatically mitigate the attack (with customer permission) based on a baseline of the customer’s bandwidth usage pattern

Optional Features

DDoS Dashboard

  • Customers have access to review their data via a custom network monitoring portal, and to generate their own reports, dashboard, etc.

    Custom Reporting

    • Traffic summary reports

    • Application reports

    • Protocol reports and event reports

    • Fingerprints reports

    • Transit research

    • IP header reports

    • BGP reports

    • TCP loss reports
    • QoS and Services reports

    • Traffic with other customers

    • Top Talkers reports

Questions about DDoS Services?

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