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Illinois Broadband Opportunity Partnership-East Central (IBOP-EC)

The Broadband Project In Illinois

The IBOP-EC is a partnership between the Department of Central Management Services (CMS), Illinois State University and more than 40 local organizations to improve broadband access for education, health care, government and public safety institutions to rural, economically distressed communities across a 55-county region in Illinois.

The project will construct more than 1,000 miles of new fiber and upgrade over 1,000 miles of existing fiber as part of the Illinois Century Network (ICN), the state’s existing education network.  More than 400 community anchor institutions will be directly connected via fiber including 23 community colleges.  The new fiber backbone will support speeds of up to 1.6 terabits per second — hundreds of times faster than the current network and user speeds ranging from 10 megabits to 10 gigabits per second—more than six-times the current speeds of the majority of the community anchor institutions.

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